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Mission Statement

Empower patients, families and healthcare providers to collaborate their efforts to achieve better health, improve quality of care, reduce errors and lower healthcare costs.


Connect & Care is a web-based communication platform for patients and families, doctors, nurses, and healthcare facilities to actively participate, communicate and coordinate care. Connect & Care provides the ability to establish and maintain a dialogue so that the key elements of patient care -- the patient, the family, the process and the care remain focused with the goal of improving health outcomes, increasing patient safety, and reducing the cost of care.


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    Care Communication & Coordination
    Your healthcare journey does not start and stop at fixed points. There is a care continuum that spans times when you are well and when you are ill. Making sure that the transition from one phase of your healthcare journey to another is critical to avoid the chasm that results in complications that impede wellness and increase the likelihood of complications. Medication errors are a common problem in the care continuum and costs healthcare in the US over $300 million annually. The most critical aspect of maintaining good care coordination during the transitions in your care is communication. Connect & Care helps to ensure that communication lines remain open and provide the bridge across these potential gaps in your care.
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    Healthcare Navigation
    Connect & Care will provide the patient and family with a multitude of tools to ask questions, get answers, to better understand a disease or condition, to prioritize the treatment plan, and to understand how the family can improve patient care and transition through different levels of care. Most people have a doctor or family member, but the majority of patients still have lots of questions and want options. Connect & Care will provide a roadmap for a successful healthcare experience.
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    Patient Advocacy
    Connect & Care will help you in your healthcare journey. Trying to manage your healthcare can be confusing and overwhelming. Navigating the health care maze is a challenge you shouldn’t have to fight when your focus should be on staying healthy or getting better after an acute illness. You have rights as a patient and sometimes the health care system can make you feel pressured or scared about your choices or options. The Connect & Care patient advocates will help you understand your rights, can explain treatment options, help your voice be heard by caregivers and administrations, and help to ensure the highest quality of care possible.
If Connect & Care were in hospitals across the country, more than 90% of medical errors could be avoided
Chuck Lauer, Former Publisher of Modern Healthcare and Author, Speaker and Career Coach


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    Patients & Families
    Patients and families will be able to engage physicians, nursing staff, other ancillary staff/services, and hospital administration to focus their efforts and attention on patient care. Connect & Care will help you stay in touch with the doctors, nurses, therapists, and other personnel taking care of you or your family member. You can get real-time updates via email and text message. You will also have access to resources specific to the reason you or a family member are in the hospital.
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    Physicians & Healthcare Providers
    As a provider, you will be able to actively engage patients and families to focus their efforts and attention on patient care. You can stay in touch with patients and families using technology tools that eliminate confusion in the care process. Even if families are not at the bedside when you are - you can provide real-time clinical updates OR let them know when you will be at the bedside. You will be able to engage and solicit help with care plans and discharge plans. By using Connect & Care, you put the patient and family on one team with one goal--improved care, outcomes and safety.
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    Healthcare Entities (Hospitals, Rehab Facilities, LTACHs, Home Health, Ambulatory Surgery)
    Connect & Care is an indispensable tool for hospitals, LTACHs, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare agencies! Provide a mechanism to facilitate real-time updates via e-mail and text messages. Eliminate confusion in the care process because you can update everyone involved at one time, as often as needed. Encourage and enlist family participation during changes in level of care, between facilities, and after discharge, Can help reduce re-admissions, improve discharge compliance, and facilitate outpatient follow up. In addition, we have the only digital Hospital Apology Program.