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Healthcare Navigation

Connect & Care will provide the patient and family with a multitude of tools to ask questions, get answers, to better understand a disease or condition, to prioritize the treatment plan, and to understand how the family can improve patient care and transition through different levels of care. Most people have a doctor or family member, but the majority of patients still have lots of questions and want options. Connect & Care will provide a roadmap for a successful healthcare experience.

Connect & Care can provide Healthcare Navigation because it has a unique combination of Tools, Personnel and Resources

Healthcare Navigation Options

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    Patient Care Toolbox
    Connect & Care has developed a very unique Patient Care Toolbox. We have taken the fundamental transactions in healthcare where potential problems and errors can occur. We have developed a specific tool to address each one of these potential problem areas to help you better understand the process, manage the transaction, and maximize the quality of your care, safety of your care and your healthcare experience.
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    Ask Questions
    As a Connect & Care subscriber you have full access to the Connect & Care resources, including a cadre of experienced professionals that can answer almost all of your questions about your health and healthcare journey
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    Shoulder Angels
    During the course of your care should you have a specific medical question that you would like a physician to help you better understand, you can reach one of the Connect & Care Shoulder Angels.  They will provide you with an unbiased assessment and allow you to more effectively manage the concerns about your care.
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    Disease FAQs
    Connect & Care has a tool in the Patient Care Toolbox where you can learn more about the clinical aspects of your care. It provides you with background, treatment strategies, and options. The educated healthcare consumer has been shown to have better healthcare outcomes. 
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    Medication Review
    Having to take medications may be an unfortunate part of staying healthy. The danger comes when medications or medication interactions can actually be harmful. Connect & Care has an advanced medication reconciliation tool to help avoid complications related to medications.
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    Laboratory Result Review
    Utilizing the resources of Connect & Care, you can have a better understanding of your laboratory results and how they impact your care, including diagnosis and chronic disease management conditions.
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    Case Review
    In certain circumstances, Connect & Care can provide feedback regarding ongoing clinical care. The goals of case review are to highlight the important clinical facts so that you can reengage the conversation with your healthcare providers.
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    Insurance Questions
    Even though we have a wonderful healthcare system here in the United States, the world of medical insurance coverage is as complex as the system it tries to work within. Oftentimes questions arise about coverage, utilization review, appropriateness of diagnostic tests, and admission status such as Observation versus inpatient.  Connect & Care staff has experts to help guide you to a better understanding of your healthcare coverage.
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    End of Life Considerations
    There are times in one’s healthcare journey where modern medicine is not able to overcome disease. End-of-life discussions can present a unique set of challenges beyond continuing care. Connect & Care can help you consider the medical, personal, and spiritual considerations in these very difficult times.

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