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Patient Advocacy

Connect & Care will help you in your healthcare journey. Trying to manage your healthcare can be confusing and overwhelming. Navigating the health care maze is a challenge you shouldn’t have to fight when your focus should be on staying healthy or getting better after an acute illness. You have rights as a patient and sometimes the health care system can make you feel pressured or scared about your choices or options. The Connect & Care patient advocates will help you understand your rights, can explain treatment options, help your voice be heard by caregivers and administrations, and help to ensure the highest quality of care possible.

Connect & Care: Your Advocate

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As a member of Connect & Care, you have access to a wealth of resources to assist you in understanding, knowing and taking appropriate action when you feel unsure about any healthcare events. Ensuring that your voice is recognized and heard is vital to maintaining control of your healthcare. Connect & Care is just a phone call or email away.

Medico-Legal Position

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Connect & Care does not advocate or participate in malpractice claims or actions. Our philosophy is rooted in the premise that if communication is maintained throughout the care process, patient safety is preserved and harm is avoided. We believe our tools can actually reduce malpractice occurrences