Connect & Care can be used by Patients and Families

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Connect & Care is a web-based communication platform for patients and families to actively participate, communicate and coordinate care

Families and patients will:
• engage physicians, nursing staff, other ancillary staff/services, and hospital administration to focus their efforts and attention on patient care
• stay in touch with the doctors, nurses, therapists, and other personnel taking care of you or your family member.
• get real-time updates via email, text, voicemail.
• access resources specific to the reason you or a family member are in the hospital, levels of care, and clinical needs.
• contact hospital representatives to discuss questions, compliments, or concerns.

Patient Care Toolbox

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The Patient Care Toolbox is a unique set of tools to help you during your healthcare journey. It covers your health while your are well and in times of illness. At any point, you can use it to get the job done.

THERE ARE 15 TOOLS………… from checklists to medication review tools. Its the right set of tools for your healthcare.