Connect & Care can be used by Physicians & Care Providers

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Connect & Care is a web-based communication platform for patients and families to actively participate, communicate and coordinate care.

As a provider, you will:
• be able to actively engage patients and families to focus their efforts and attention on patient care
• stay in touch with patients and families using our technology tools.
• eliminate confusion in the care process. Update everyone involved at one time, as often as needed.

Give and get real-time updates via email, text messages, video mail, voicemail.

If families are not at the bedside when you are - provide real-time clinical updates OR let them know when you will be at the bedside.

Schedule meeting times and conferences with family members and other personnel directly involved with the patient.

Engage and solicit help with care plans, discharge plans, additional information (home medications, habits, etc.)

Encourage family participation during changes in level of care, between facilities, and after discharge.
~ Can help reduce readmissions, improve discharge compliance and facilitate outpatient follow up.

Put the patient and family on one team with one goal--improved care, outcomes and safety.

Contact hospital representatives to discuss questions, compliments, or concerns.