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Connect & Care - - - It’s like having a doctor in the family
Lee Slavin, M.D.
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Your employees need more than just health insurance - they need a dedicated resource to guide them during their healthcare journey

Providing your employees health insurance is the first step in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. However, it is oftentimes more confusing and convoluted for your employees to navigate the healthcare roadmap. At any point along their healthcare journey there are mistakes, missteps, inefficiencies and a whole host of other obstacles that can make even the smallest healthcare event an obstacle that is difficult to navigate.

By deploying Connect & Care alongside your health insurance, our team of experts will eliminate the confusion, help avoid missteps and mistakes, decrease the inefficiencies and ensure a smooth recovery so that when your employee returns back to work, they do so in the highest capacity.

For those with more chronic disease conditions, we provide disease management & lifestyle management programs that maintain a superior state of overall wellness. Your employees stay healthier and can serve your company’s mission unfettered by their healthcare concerns.

Finally, our experts at Connect & Care can ensure optimal plan delivery parameters as we provide medical necessity oversight of healthcare resource utilization, benefit guidance and plan design analytics, and can provide specialized consulting and customized solutions for your health plan. By monitoring and scrutinizing the delivery of healthcare programs offered by commercial insurance providers, we ensure the appropriateness, efficiency, and ultimately reduce the overall cost of medical spend for you and your employees.

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Your Employees and Connect & Care

As Connect & Care subscribers, your employees will have full access to the Connect & Care software platform and its expert dedicated staff of clinicians. Our partnership will provide your employees with:
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Improved Quality of Care
By utilizing the tools and services provided by Connect & Care your employees enjoy the benefits of better coordinated care, health and illness surveillance, care navigation, and superior clinical outcomes.
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Increased Safety
One the fundamental premises upon which Connect & Care was built is improve safety. By providing your employees with the tools and an expert staff to use the tools we promote a much better platform for communication, safety event reporting, care transition surveillance to avoid missteps and mistakes, and patient advocacy.
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Reduced Cost of Care
We will help monitor the need for specific care, overutilization of resources, duplication of services, and better explain healthcare benefits. We can help lower overall costs by better care management and early intervention in medical care services.

A partnership with Connect & Care will give your employees an edge to stay healthier with a greater sense of wellness and piece of mind that they can rely on Connect & Care to help them manage their health.

Below are the Care Service Categories available and ready for your employees.

Connect & Care Service Categories for Employees

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Your Company and Connect & Care

Your company will benefit from a partnership with Connect & Care!
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Improved Engagement
Partnering with Connect & Care will result in improved engagement and your employees. Through coordinated participation in care navigation activities, better chronic condition management, intensive networking with high cost claimants and overall improved satisfaction will be realized.
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Better Deliverables
Connect & Care will work with you to improve engagement, maximize appropriate healthcare utilization, demonstrate financial savings, and help to reduce your healthcare expenditures.
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More Services
Our comprehensive suite of support services include benefits to the employee as well as the employer. In addition to providing custom solutions that we will design together, we provide medical necessity review, population health analytics, benefit guidance reviews and plan design analytics. Your employees will benefit from the partnership at both the corporate level, as well as individual level as they deploy Connect & Care tools to more effectively manage their own health care.
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Cost Effective
Medical costs are already expensive. Many of our services are part of the overall program delivery package. Overall, our services are still significantly less than our competitors while still providing unparalleled service.
A partnership with Connect & Care affords you access to our Company Healthcare Services Suite

Connect & Care Company Healthcare Services Suite

Medical Necessity Review

Population Health Analytics

Plan Design Analysis

Benefit Guidance

Consulting Services

Custom Solutions