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Connect & Care - - - It’s like having a doctor in the family
Lee Slavin, M.D.

Employer Benefits from Partnering with Connect & Care

Connect & Care provides comprehensive support services and will partner with you to ensure optimal delivery of healthcare services to your employees. Below is a list of services you can leverage to better manage your health plan.

Our Goals

  1. Improve the Quality of Care
  2. Increase Patient Safety
  3. Reduce the Cost of Care


Connect & Care will increase engagement, improve satisfaction, ensure appropriate healthcare resource utilization, save your company money, and reduce overall healthcare spend.

Medical Necessity Review

One of the most relevant questions when receiving healthcare is did a patient receive enough health care or did they receive too much. Neither scenario is appropriate. If the patient did not receive the care that they needed then the clinical information must be reviewed to determine if additional services are indicated and will affect outcome. The other end of the spectrum is when healthcare encounters are over utilizing. Is there a redundancy of tests, blood work or consultations that will not improve the quality or dance the safety of a patient’s care. Only trained experts are able to make this differentiation. In either case the Connect & Care staff has decades of experience with clinical care and medical necessity appropriateness to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of your employees and your company.

Population Health Analytics

By partnering with Connect & Care your health care data is transformed to information. This information is then used to improve the health of your employees and lower your company’s medical spend. We review disease burden, preventive health programs, missed opportunities and cost trends independently and interactively to ensure that your members are receiving the right care, at the right time, at the right price.

Plan Design Analysis

Plan Design Analysts will review historical health information and expenditures to help predict costs. Considerations including chronic disease burden, effectiveness of incentives, network management, and resource utilization are just a few of the cost elements we review. We can provide information and data-driven solutions to lower cost while maximizing health outcomes.

Benefit Guidance

Our benefits analysts will help determine if the present plan is providing the best coverage options for you and your employees. Is your present plan providing appropriate coverage, cost-effective coverage, and does it include cost reduction strategies. Are additional services providing clinical impact? We can participate in benefit guidance directly or provide resources.

Consulting Services

We provide a comprehensive set of available services to review old and new processes, reassess or provide real-time assessment or oversight of present services, and review the value of existing programs. We will partner with you to reduce cost, improve services, and maximize quality of care.

Custom Solutions

If you have any health-care questions or concerns that relate directly to services and care provided by insurance payer to your employees or services and deliverables to your company we can formulate a framework to review, analyze and report an answer. We will also recommend and help implement a solution.

Payer Agnostic

Regardless if it’s a commercial payer or government payer we tailor our services.

Cost of Services

By partnering with Connect & Care most of these services are already included. Custom solutions are affordable add-ons.
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Connect & Care will demonstrate improved engagement in healthcare activities, improved efficiency of care resources, reduced expenditures, and superior clinical outcomes. Contact us to discuss partnership options.