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Patients & Families

Connect & Care will provide Patients and Families with the Best Options to Control you Healthcare Experience

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The Ultimate Tool to Control your Healthcare Experience

  • For patients and families, having control of your healthcare and health experiences is paramount to ensuring good health, better outcomes, and improved safety
  • All these benefits come at a lower cost of care
  • Connect & Care has a suite of communication and care tools in its Patient Care Toolbox specifically designed to optimize your healthcare journey
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Lots of Tools to facilitate higher quality care and superior cinical outcomes

  • Most healthcare consumers do not have the medical knowledge to manage or navigate healthcare events. They rely on their primary care providers to “manage” their care-but that is only episodic.
  • Primary care providers do not provide care in every setting - you need something to maintain a bridge between healthcare episodes. Your primary doctor may not take care of you in the hospital, or attend the skilled nursing/rehabilitation facility you are in.
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Access to Connect & Care Staff to help with concerns, care navigation, and patient advocacy

  • Connect & Care has a staff dedicated to your healthcare journey
  • As a Connect & Care subscriber, we put our experience to work for you.
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Connect & Care can be used to supplement the care provided by your regular doctor

  • Connect & Care respects the relationship you have with your doctor
  • Connect & Care will work with your doctor so you can use the services to better communicate and coordinate your care
  • Your doctor can also participate in Connect & Care to better serve your healthcare needs
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Use it at ANY and ALL of your care episodes (outpatient setting, in the hospital, in a rehabilitaton facility… ANYWHERE)

  • Connect & Care follows you on your care journey – it goes where you go
  • You decide when and how you want to use it
  • Connect & Care staff is always close by to help
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Keep track of ALL of your health care records and information

  • Connect & Care has the tools and the functionality to keep all your information in one central, secure place
  • You can choose who, how and when to share your information
  • You can add information, track data, and monitor changes in your care
  • You are connected to over 50,000 other providers and facilities through
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Better management of your medications (medication reconciliation)

  • Medication errors result in mistakes that cost the US healthcare system BILLIONS of dollars annually!
  • Medication errors can result in complications and death
  • Connect & Care’s medication reconciliation tools will help you better manage your medications and avoid errors
  • Our pharmacists are also there to answer questions about your medications
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Reduce the likelihood of ERRORS in your care!

  • Connect & Care has the tools and the resources to reduce the likelihood of errors in your care.
  • We provide a roadmap to help you navigate the healthcare system
  • We help answer questions and concerns you have about your care
  • We can help the healthcare system communicate with you on your terms
  • You can report potential safety concerns to the facility and your care providers
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