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Care Communication

  • Single, secure platform for everyone to communicate
  • Provide nursing and rehabilitation updates
  • Update physicians and care providers about care progress, issues and needs
  • Customizable messaging
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    Provide real time updates to physicians, care providers, and families

    Can access Connect & Care on any browser-enabled mobile device
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    Text Messages can be sent securely between care providers and family
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    Notify members of the care team and family by email

    Receive responses to any browser-enabled device
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    All messaging is stored on a single, secure digital platform

    Conversations and messages are longitudinal

    All information is retrievable, reportable
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Care Coordination

  • Deliberately organize care activities
  • Include care givers and family
  • Proactive monitoring & delivery of care needs
  • Ensure High Quality, High Value care
  • Team approach
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    Communicate with your doctor

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    Nurses involved in your care can communicate with you and your doctor

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    Medication management is a critical part of your health. A pharmacist can help you manage your medications at any time

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    Consulting doctors can make your doctor aware of changes in your care needs, medications or test results

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    Case managers can help optimize you care plans and provide resources to improve the efficiency of your care

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    You can use Connect & Care to coordinate your care anywhere - in the hospital, in rehabilitation facility or while receiving home health care.

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    Physical and Occupational Therapy can provide information about rehabilitation goals, provide regular rehabilitation updates, and activities to optimize your rehab recovery.

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Bundled Payment Care Initiatives

  • Demonstrate ability to coordinate care
  • Confirm participation in Bundled Payment Care Initiatives
  • Establish a track record of success in managing patient care journey
  • Be prepared for upcoming Bundled Payment Care Initiatives planned for 2016
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    Proactive management strategies to guarantee efficient resource utilization
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    Ensure that your facility is not a weak link in the care coordination chain resulting in overall loss of revenue
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    Demonstrate value of facility and staff and assure gain sharing opportunities
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Reduce Readmissions

  • Demonstrate command of key readmission reduction strategies
  • Efficiently manage care needs
  • Leverage telehealth technology
  • Demonstrate medication reconciliation proficiency
  • Provide post-discharge Care Resources

Key Readmission Reduction Strategies

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    Improve Discharge Process

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    Increase Patient & Family Engagement

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    Provide Care Bridge between Levels of Care

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Rehabilitation Goals

  • Explain rehabilitation Goals and Rationale
  • Set rehabilitation expectations
  • Provide regular rehabilitation updates
  • Outline post discharge rehabilitation plan
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    Provide real time updates to physicians, care providers, and families via email and texting
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    Ensure patient and families understand rehabilitation endpoints
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    Provide benchmarks that patients and families can follow in the event of setbacks or clinical worsening
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    Help transition to outpatient or home therapy
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Skilled Nursing Needs

  • Describe nursing needs
  • Update progress or status changes
  • Initiate changes in care needs, including tele health
  • Outline nursing care plans
  • Provide specific updates regarding wound healing
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    Outline medication and antibiotic therapy
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    Describe wound therapy, goals, progress and specific treatment issues
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    Explain intravenous fluid requirement, nutritional needs, laboratory surveillance and other special considerations
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Care Transitions

  • Ease transition to Skilled Nursing Level of Care
  • Provide continued care documentation
  • Prepare patient and family for next care transition
  • Supplement patient’s Personal Health Record
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    SNF care is a vital component along a patient’s care journey. Success is rooted in smooth transitions in care plan
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    Care provided at the SNF is a critical part of the medical history. Help maintain accurate record
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    Maximize safe transition to the next level of care
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  • Drive patients to your facility- patients have a choice
  • Improve patient satisfaction & engagement
  • Improve CMS ratings
  • Maintain contact with patients & families after discharge
  • Comprehensive care metrics and reporting
  • Advertising
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    Engender loyalty and positive referrals
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    Improve or Maintain Medicare Ratings
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    List your facility on Connect & Care’s site as a preferred partner

Contact a Connect & Care representative to discuss how a partnership can improve patient care, outcomes and reduce costs